TRB Annual Meeting 2023 Presentation by IH Engineers and Stevens

IH Engineers, P.C. Research Project with Stevens Institute of Technology - Monitoring and automatic characterization of cracks in strain-hardening cementitious composites  through intelligent interpretation of photos

This paper presents an intelligent photo interpretation approach to automatically monitor and characterize densely interconnected microcracks in strain-hardening cementitious composite (SHCC) featuring unique crack patterns in terms of crack number and crack width. The presented approach employs a stereo vision system that integrates binocular and monocular cameras for automatic detection, ranging, and quantification of cracks, as well as characterization of crack patterns in real time. This research implemented the presented approach into the evaluation of SHCC in flexural tests and direct tension tests, respectively. Dense microcracks were detected and ranged by the stereo vision system, segmented by an encoder-decoder approach, and quantified by an efficient computer vision approach. The evolution of the cracks was traced throughout the loading process until failure, and statistical analysis revealed that the crack width was retained while the crack number monotonically increased. The interpretation time was shorter than 0.4 s for each photo, making the approach promising for real-time assessment of SHCC. The proposed system can be deployed for automated assessment of cementitious composites with complex crack patterns in material research and engineering structures.

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